5 Important Skincare Secrets

5 Important Skincare Secrets

5 Important Skincare Secrets

When it comes to skincare secrets I’m your gal! Having worked in the beauty industry for a little over five years now and having worked for some of Australia’s premier beauty brands & spas, I have consumed a lot of knowledge. This “secrets” will change your beauty routine and your skin for the better. So, get your mask brushes ready!


Skincare Secret #1

This secret really isn't much of a secret, but if your using one if these to clean your face you are doing more bad than good! If you're a make up wipe user, put that wipe down girl! You're essentially just smearing all of your makeup and Bactria all over your face. Its like applying cleanser and not washing it off. Not to mention the “bad” alcohol content in the wipes to keep them fresh! Ladies it takes two minuets to wash your face with a cleanser that is going to clean and treat your skin.


Skincare Secret #2

A question I always ask my facial clients (I usually already know the answer to) is do you wear SPF? Their reply is usually “it’s in my makeup” which is 15+, this is not going to protect your skin all day. By all means keep wearing your 15+ SPF if you want to be getting cancer cut of your face when your 60 and have pigmentation like freckles!

OK, ladies lets get real. You need to be wearing 50+ everyday, unless you live in a cave and don't see the light of day then I’ll let it slide. If your not a cave dwelling being then here are a few of my favourite brands to keep you covered!


Skincare Secret #3

If you suffer from acne or want to minimise ageing (who doesn’t) this ones made for you!

Skincare Secret #3 is all about your pillow case. If you suffer from breakouts and have tried every product under the sun and have even changed your diet and still that pesky acne won't budge. Try changing your pillow case, and when I say change I mean every two days, here’s why.

Dust mites might be causing some of your issues, dust might bread quite quickly and lay microscopic white eggs. So, essentially you are sleeping on dust mites eggs, hair, poop and limbs! If thats not enough to make you wash your pillows I don’t no what would!

One of my favourite Pillow case is created by Slip pure silk pillowcase.

Slip is a pillowcase that you will be addicted to. Slip helps to minimise ‘sleep-crease’?

While the creases usually go away later the same day, they are an indication of the damage done to your face when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. Sleep creases aren't just temporary. Over time they become ironed wrinkles. since Slip started in 2004 they've heard countless times from people with years of chronic sleep crease completely disappears after the very first night.

Silk Hydrates your skin where cotton is very absorbent. It can hold 24-27 times its own weight in water. This mean it actually draws moisture away from you skin, drying it out stealing your expensive face crème in the process! When you sleep on silk, your delicate facial skin is more hydrate in the morning.

On top of all that if you've been to the salon for your blow-dry it will actually help your blow-dry last longer.


Skincare Secret #4

Cleansing, it amazes me that a lot of people don't really know how to properly cleanse their face. This can have a huge impact on the rest of your skincare routine. You should be cleansing your face twice every cleansing cycle. The first cleanse is to cleanse off your make up or if you're not wearing makeup, the first cleanse will remove all the dirt and pollution. The second cleanse will clean out your pours and purify your skin ready for your serums and creams. When it comes to exfoliating you should be doing this 1-2 times a week. The easiest way to remember to do this is by  exfoliating the days you wash your hair, because you have the extra time. If you do this when washing your hair it will become a routine, you will no longer have to keep reminding yourself.


Skincare Secret #5

It’s not just what you put on your skin its also what you put in your body the affects it. Dairy, wheat, salt, sugar and alcohol have major affects on the skin such as acne, premature ageing, puffiness & rosacea.

Alcohol is not you skincare friend, as the alcohol dehydrates you and your fine lines and wrinkles will seem a lot deeper then they usually are. If you are a sufferer of rosacea alcohol will elevate this as well.

Dairy, If you are an acne sufferer and you consume a lot of dairy, this means milk, cheese, ice-cream , cream and even chocolate. Anything with very high amounts of dairy you need to sop consuming now. If you are a big coffee drinker like me substitute your milk for soy milk (bonsoy id the best) it has it has a slight nutty flavour. Im not a big fan of almond milk it tastes honesty horrible! You can try alternative chocolates as well, I.e coconut milk chocolate, there are so many on the market now you'll have plenty to choose from!

Everyone knows sugar is not great for the skin but this is why, High blood sugar can weaken the skin by affecting tissues like collagen. Without collagen you will have wrinkles popping up everywhere.

Vitamin C is my favourite food to consume for the skin. Vitamin C is a super antioxidant. It is needed for a strong immune system, radiant skin and helps blemishes heal properly. Having healing vitamin C is great for people who have acne, pigmentation of any blemish/skin injury. Vitamin C should be included into everyones skin care routine either bing in food for or product form.

Now you know these skincare secrets you can add, remove and organise your routine for healthier younger looking skin!

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